Roland HP-305 Review

Roland HP-305 Review
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The Roland HP-305 is the standard model in HP series of digital piano. The sound and touch is a result of persistent pursuit of characteristic of grand pianos. All the elements are made compact; the minimalistic and modern design of this keyboard makes it look like a true acoustic piano.

Special Speaker System and Multi-Sampling Technology

This Roland model is fitted with special speaker system that effectively reproduces the sound rendered by SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. The SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine is known to generate a clear and spatial sound that helps professionals to give smooth and beautiful performances which was only considered possible with grand pianos till now. The SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine is a combination of V-Piano technology with 88-key stereo multisampling technology.

The new sound engine was developed after intense research on the different characteristics of acoustic pianos. The goal of the sound engine is to reproduce rich tones and expression of a concert grand piano.  With 128 polyphony is more than sufficient for the complex pieces. Roland has tested all 88 notes of a variety of world-class pianos and applied its unique digital technology to reproduce the rich tone and expression of the world’s finest pianos.

Ivory Key Feel

The PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboards provides a tactile feel and natural texture, which allows the players to enjoy their performance. The keyboard offers same feel as grand piano, heavier touch in lower range, lighter touch in upper range and light resistance on pianissimo passages and stronger resistance on fortissimo.

The traditional design, which incorporates Classic Position and 3 pedals, enhances the piano’s appearance and make the task of playing piano easy.  It also playbacks a variety of songs with an accompaniment like commercially available music files or music CDs to make your practice more gratifying. The piano tone is based on key range and touch with perfect smooth decay.  The tone change smoothly and naturally. This piano also features a metronome and 3-track recorder function, which help you record your performances.

Easily Transport Music on USB Flash

This model is loaded with a library of play-along songs from jazz to classical.  You can store songs in HP-305 in variety of formats, which include SMF music files, files stored on USB flash memory (sold separately), and audio CDs. You can select the parts in SMF file to play back. You can play an orchestra part in the playback and play a piano part to create a powerful performance. The tempo of the playback song can also be changed, the Centre Cancel function can be used to minimize the melody part in Audio CD, and the possibilities are endless.

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