Roland FP-50 Review

Roland FP-50 Review
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Players who consider digital keyboards to be all about the on-board features will sincerely fall in love with the FP80 from Roland. It was released by Roland to represent the very best keyboard technology that they have to offer. The models that preceded it were vastly popular but have been discontinued by the company. The first and most noticeable change to this keyboard is its ability to perform in a variety of spaces under a variety of conditions. As a portable unit, it makes the grade in small spaces, churches, in the studio, and in the home. Players can count on the upgraded internal speakers to fill out the room at hand. The four-speaker system is precisely balanced, offering players amazing sound that one would never consider to be too thin. The strength in sound and resonance also comes thanks to the fact that the speakers are powered by four separate amps. With a total of 26 watts backing you up, there is never any loss of power at any level of amplification.

The FP80 also screams performance with its newly-upgraded digital display. Centered in the control panel of the keyboard, there is plenty of information for players available at a glance. An LCD screen that gives players flexibility and readouts at this level represents instrument quality that is rare for keyboards in this price range. The model draws players in even more once they begin to explore the incredible 372 instruments that come automatically programmed. By any standard for a portable instrument, this number is impressive. Every sound can be adjusted according to the individual wishes of players as well. The very last detail of each instrument is considered. For instance, both the pipe and pop organs can be adjusted using draw-bar settings. The sound is vibrant as well. There is a live feeling that is apparent with every instrument, allowing players to move past the days of stale, digital instrumentation. When performing, players can also achieve a depth of sound by layering instruments and separating the keyboard in whatever arrangement they desire.

Singers and performers will also find themselves being drawn towards this model due to the fact that there is a microphone input that allows for automatic harmonies and other forms of digital performance. Vocal and musical performances can be recorded in a variety of formats that include WAV and MP3 files. Players are given all the tools that they need in order to have the fullest possible sound. Complete chord arrangements can be put together with the use of interactive ensemble tools. The arrangements can be accessed using just one hand and are never limited to a single instrument. It is simple to flesh out entire pieces in virtually any genre, including jazz, swing, and blues.

The key and pedal action also add to the considerable number of strengths that Roland has built into this machine. The smooth and dynamic reactions of both give one a feeling of fluidity that makes you crave playing. They achieve such outstanding results by equipping each key with three, individual sensors. The click or thumping noise that is common on the vast majority of digital keys has also been nearly eliminated. Of all the built-in sounds for this Roland, players agree that the acoustic piano represents Roland at its best. It easily reproduces the natural experience of playing any high-quality piano. Roland completes the package with a General MIDI capability that can handle up to 16 tracks. All of the technological finishing touches are on this keyboard. This 128-polyphony piano that can accommodate 100 levels of key-touch velocity puts Roland at the top of the scale for any serious piano player.

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