Roland Fantom G8 Review

Roland Fantom G8 Review
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Finding a workstation keyboard capable of doing everything musically is very difficult. Some workstations are powerful, but look clunky. While, the ones that add to the beauty of the stage performances often have limited abilities. However, Roland Fantom G8 will impress you both ways, by performance as well as by looks. The board has a shiny aluminum chassis with a huge full color LCD display.

Thousands of Sounds You Can Change on the Fly

The Fantom G8 comes with thousands of built-in sounds that are beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. You can easily access them and make on-the-fly adjustments to add juice to your performance.

It incorporates a powerful sequencer capable of both MIDI and audio recording. The smart control layout with mouse support makes the navigation easy. The board has a unique combination of sturdy build and sexy looks. It’s a truly rugged instrument, which makes it worthy.

Rugged Build  Quality Can Take a Beating on the Road

Its sexy looks and its rugged construction don’t limit its capabilities and features. The Fantom G8 features the best sound engine, the music industry has ever known. The Fantom series of keyboards were always known for the quality of their voices and the Fantom G8 will not disappoint you either. It has evolved from its predecessors with its double wave capacity.

All the featured sounds such as electric piano, classic acoustic, flexible synth patches and all the orchestral sounds sound impressive. It unveils its real capabilities when you add ARX SuperNATURAL expansion board to one of its expansion slots. Fantom works superbly with SuperNATURAL expansion board and, a perfection striving musician will be more than happy with the result.

Roland G8 is more than a workstation keyboard. It can perform all tasks that you thought would only be done in a production studio. The “Power Sequencer” performs more like a computer based DAW and less like a traditional keyboard workstation. The arranger in G8 can deal with 24 real audio tracks in addition to 128 MIDI tracks. You can record up to 2 hours of CD quality digital audio with expandable recording memory. The G8 provides different types of analog inputs and you can record audio from almost any source.

The G8 features slider controls, rotary knobs, Jog wheel, and four-way cursor control to make the navigation and operation easy.

Unique Ability to Bend Individual Notes In a Chord

The vintage keys (Hohner Clavinet and Wurlitzer electric piano) and pipe organ samples are pretty admirable. The Fantom G8 offers many tricks to play with the sound. The chord memory allows you to change complex chord shapes, while guitar-like chord strums allow you to hold one note steady and bend the other. The G8 also features a step LFO, an arpeggiator, 2230 waveforms and 1664 factory patches. The factory patches are neatly organized in 39 categories and you can view 40 patches at one time on the LCD screen

Good: An adoring masterpiece, packed with features that meet professional standards. Big LCD screen.

Bad: Less stereo samples, tedious process for reconstructing loop instrument, less internal memory (32 MB) for audio recording.

Even a super critic will agree that Fantom G8 editing facilities meet the professional standards. The programming facilities need to be explored and you will always find something new as you explore it deeper.

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