Roland G6 Review

Roland G6 Review
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Roland introduces the new Fantom G series in its lineup of synthesizers. Roland introduced the series way back in the early 2000’s with the introduction of its FA series. Almost a decade later the G series emerged as the ultimate in sound expression.

Smorgasbord of Synthesizer Sounds

This new keyboard features the most current technology including USB ports for data transfer, a built-in sequencer, and a very comprehensive synthesizer sound engine with lots room to grow – harboring expansion slots to meet all of your expansion needs.

The Fantom G6 can work in three different modes including single, live and studio modes. These modes correlate with the layering and split mode that is most commonly found on digital keyboards.

If you’ve heard or played a Roland keyboard in the past you won’t be disappointed with the current sound set. Sounds include electric pianos, amazing solo brass and a great ensemble section not to mention a wonderful drum pad section.

A few of the sounds are noticeably weak especially the HM piano which works well in an ensemble but can’t quite cut it as a solo piano. The sound is simply lacking some punch and washes out.

Double the Number of Sounds

The sound bank on the Roland G6 comes with double the number of waveforms as compared to previous Fantom versions. This keyboard also features 1 Gigabyte of internal memory that can be used to hold some 2000 CD-quality samples.

This synthesizer features a very intuitive display and menu system which makes it excellent for switching sounds easily and controlling the keyboard. The Fantom G6 synthesizer is loaded with a complex and comprehensive set of drum pads.

One great feature is the huge display which comes in handy when editing MIDI tracks especially when you consider that there are over 128 tracks that can be created.

All in all I really like this keyboard because of its ease of use in creating compositions combined with the myriad of sounds and controls that are easily accessible via the large display.

The Good

The Roland Fantom G6 is a great keyboard for all round music creation and solo playing. Featuring a comprehensive sound bank, it is sure to please and set afire the creative juices of any musician.

The Bad

Most of the sounds on this keyboard are great with a few that are somewhat weak such as the MH piano.

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