Roland RD-300NX Review

Roland RD-300NX Review
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Roland’s 88-key RD-300NX digital stage piano brings the capabilities of the Roland RD-700NX and its popular ‘SuperNatural’ engine to a broader range of serious musicians. Designed to offer professional sound and feel in a stage-friendly package at a musician-friendly price, the RD-300NX lightens the load-out without sacrificing an ounce of musical integrity.

It’s a Traveler

Overall, the 38-pound RD-300NX and its rugged case are easily manageable by a single person during travel. Take note, though, that at 57-inches wide (not including the case) it does require that you consider the dimensions of your vehicle.

88-Key Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement

The Ivory Feel-G keyboard features fully-weighted keys with realistic ivory textures – not too slippery, not too much grip. While the key action isn’t graded, every attack feels confident and solid. Conveniently, its pitch/mod paddle is located to the left of the keyboard instead of above it, making it easier to utilize during play.

SuperNatural Piano Engine

Roland’s SuperNatural piano engine is one of the most innovative systems on the market. The SuperNatural engine organically morphs between pianissimo and fortissimo, unlike other systems that simply crossfade between samples. In addition, SuperNatural accurately simulates the complex and organic decay that’s experienced by strings of a real piano – a far cry from systems that use a simple loop-and-fade decay.

Find Your Voice

The RD-300NX includes three acoustic piano Tones – a stereo concert grand, a mono grand, and a detuned honky-tonk. Customizable “Live Sets” give you the power to edit the timbre, split/layer, and effect of each Tone. Other editable aspects include damper noise, string resonance, off-key resonance, hammer noise, duplex scale (which deals with higher harmonics), stereo width, and more.

Customize Your Sound

Overall, the RD-300NX comes with 67 different voices, including electric piano presets like Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and RD-1000 variations, as well as non-piano sounds like organs, pads and strings, guitars and basses, brass and synth sounds, and quire and scat sounds.

All of the tones are endlessly customizable using the Live Set features. In addition, other editable parameters include the Soft Lift, which alters the touch sensitivity settings, and the Tone Character, which can dramatically morph voices into mellower or harder sounds.

Primed for the Stage

The RD-300NX is built with easily-accessible, single-touch, illuminated buttons that let you engage Live Set configurations in dim settings. Each band of the three-band EQ has a dedicated knob, and the settings of its global compressor are fully customizable, and Roland’s leading-edge Sound Focus system utilizes phase correction technology to help your sound stand out in live shows.

Dynamic Effects

In all, the multi-effects processor can apply 78 different effects to your sound. Distortion, rotary, chorus/phaser/flanger, pitch shift, tape echo, auto-pan, tremolo, and multiple delays are accessible with the touch of a button. You can apply them to any preset, and you when you’re playing layer or split they’ll stay limited to the “Upper 1” zone.

Backup or Playback

The RD-300NX features a USB port in back, giving you the ability to play CD-quality backing tracks or standard MIDI files with adjustable tempos. A second USB port gives you the option of MIDI over USB, and standard, 5-in MIDI in and out ports let you connect easily with other equipment.


Overall, the Roland RD-300NX and its SuperNatural engine bring lead-edge technology to a professional stage keyboard. The Live Sets combine with a number of other editable parameters to bring virtually unlimited customization options to a large collection of high-quality preset sounds.

It’s all easily accessible, making live play a comfortable and intuitive experience. If you’re looking for a professional stage keyboard at an affordable price, the Roland RD-300NX definitely deserves your attention.

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  1. Jared M.  - November 28, 2014 - 12:25 pm

    If you’re a gigging musician and you’re looking for great piano sounds this is the keyboard for you. The settings can be easily adjusted which is great during live performances. The keyboard action is a very close replica of an acoustic piano, in fact I’d rather play my Roland than my Steinway. I recommend using true stereo speakers to get the most of this stage piano.

  2. Luka J.  - November 28, 2014 - 1:56 pm

    This keyboard is a joy to play, I think I became a better player since I bought it. I especially like the fact that you can tune each individual note similar to a real piano. It does seem to drop some notes when playing fast but that’s not a big problem for me, I’m not a recording artist.

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