Little Phatty II Review

Little Phatty II Review
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The Little Phatty Stage II is the new entrant in Moog Music’s Little Phatty family. Little Phatty II Stage Edition is somewhat similar to the previous Stage and Tribute editions.

The Phatty II gives the performer complete control through its analog signal path, a voltage controlled filter, two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators and some diverse features such as CV and KB gate inputs, external audio input, and MIDI controller.

Built with Killer Signature Sounds

The Little Phatty is known for its killer signature sounds. It also offers an innovative interface which makes it an incredible choice for performance and studio gigs. Though it draws most of its features from its predecessors, the new Stage edition doesn’t dishearten the users buying it. The Stage II offers many new features such as MIDI Clock Sync, MIDI over USB, Tap Tempo, and an Arpeggiator. It has new sleek stylish black finish, which adds to its look.

The inclusion of MIDI over USB adds power to the sound sculpting tool and sound performance. Some distinct features such as ability to process external audio, warm analog sound, sound design, control features, make Stage II a valuable addition to any existing setup.  It can be used with full on analog setup as well as a laptop with a softsynth setup. It can be connected to a computer that uses the Librarian software.

MIDI Clock Sync allows the musician to adjust the LFO and arpeggiator rate to Tempo of MIDI sequencer, software and drum machine. You can perfectly time different wave modulations such as triangle, square, sawtooth and rampwave with your arpeggiator and rhythm tracks.

Large Library of Arpeggiator Styles

The arpeggiator adds to the performance standard when used with different applications of all genres. A vast library of styles will definitely find one that pleases you.

The Little Phatty II adjusts the arpeggiator to MIDI clock. The Phatty II offers users the option of using Tap Tempo (which comes with synchronization of LFO and arpeggiator) when the MIDI clock is not enabled.

The Little Phatty comes with 100 preset sounds with a variety of well-programmed patches. Metallic bells, deeply resonant bowls, staccato blips, clangorous tones, simmons-style drums, arcade sounds effects, funky clavs are some of the preset sounds. The Little Phatty elegant interface puts every function and sound under your fingertips. The manual is well written and of a great help for beginners. It is a great choice for any synthesist heavily dependent on digital sound and software.

A Professional Quality Keyboard

The Little Phatty II Stage Edition has all the qualities of a professional musical instrument, which is well built and sounds great. The short cuts such as 1 knob envelope generator, global filter slope makes it an attractive option for musicians.

Good: Value for money. Strong build. It exhibits new features while carrying dynamic features of its predecessors forward.

Bad: Though it offers flexibility, it lacks some major features such as noise generator and effects processor. The work-around options does not go well with most of the professionals.

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