Hammond XK-3C Review

Hammond XK-3C Review
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Today we are going to look at the Hammond XK-3C. Talk about nostalgia and going back several decades because this keyboard looks so much like the old Hammond B3 of bygone years.

The console, drawbars, and even the left-hand presets which are notes with reversed colors meaning black notes with a white flat keys.

Famous Hammond Mechanical Tone Wheel is Genuinely Replicated

Modeled on the mechanical tone wheel generator of the past, which by the way made Hammond organs famous, his leapfrogged by the state-of-the-art electronic tone will generations system. The digital toll will system contains 96 continuously oscillating which create the wow and flutter. Hammond’s XK3C organizes these into sets of five tone wheels and their variations.

Effects included in this keyboard are the vibrato and chorus which authentically duplicate of the Hammond B3. It should also be noted that the vibrato and chorus can be custom set by the user.

Certainly we cannot talk about the Hammond organ without dedicating some time to talk about the most popular means of amplifying the organ sound, the Leslie.

Leslie Re-engineered

Hammond organ has painstakingly been working with Leslie engineers to genuinely reproduce the Leslie sounds electronically. And I think that they have succeeded marvelously.

In fact I think it actually rivals the mechanical Leslie in every manner. The controls for the Leslie are mounted much as you would have found them on a Hammond B3, that is to the left side of the console on the front flashing.

The XK3C’s preset keys feature 12 banks with 11 preset keys per bank, for a total of 132 settings.

On the old Hammond B3 tones above 24 kHz were cut off by the internal preamp. The XK3C replicates this through its digital equalizer which allows you to create a full range of sounds up and to the full power of the B3.

No Drawbacks with Drawbars

At the heart of the Hammond organ is its system of drawbars which make up all the harmonic tones of the B3 which is perfectly reproduced on the XK3C. the further you Paloma drawbars the louder the sound becomes for that drawbar.

Hammond introduces external MIDI control such that you can control external MIDI devices on this keyboard. This keyboard also features an ability to split the keyboard into upper and lower ranges making it practical to use the lower range as the days if needed.

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