Access Virus T12 Review

Access Virus T12 Review
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The Access Virus TI2 Keyboard takes the already admired Virus TI to a higher level. This new version from Access has 25% more calculating power, it is lighter in weight, has exuberant on-board effects section and a completely new housing panel.

New and Interesting Effects to Ignite Your Creativity

The Virus TI2 has the new OS3, this boasts of new effects such as Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter, Distortions and Character. Designed as an ideal companion to any DJ or a project studio, this 61-key model is exceptionally attractive.

The design of Virus TI2 is so sleek and its side panels have a perfect blend of wood and pure aluminum. The LEDs add a new fresh look and style to it. The sound engine is exactly the same as used in the versatile and powerful TI Desktop and Keyboard models.

It has a Dual DSP system with more than 80 stereo voices under an average load, which heavily depends on the filter/oscillator model. Its Audio and MIDI inputs and outputs can be used by the sequencer application as an audio and MIDI interface.

An Extensive Library of 3,300 Sounds

The Virus TI2 also adds an accurate timing and delay compensated connection to your sequencer. With more than 3300 onboard sounds, you will find a number of options while jamming with music.

The Access Virus TI2 has a Wavetable oscillator that gives out a completely new array of sounds. You can mix the Wavetable and conventional oscillators for better results. It also has a Hypersaw oscillator with up to 9 sawtooths, each made up of parallel oscillator for each voice.

The character allows you to adjust the overall tone of numerous preset well-known and vintage synthesizers. Not only that, you can also increase emphasis on certain aspects of a patch to cut through the mix, or fade sound into the background with an extra-wide stereo field.

It has 129 parallel effects that include Delay and Reverb, chorus phaser, ring modulator, distortion, 3 band EQ and the Analog Boost bass dancer. It also has a programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch to play all kinds of music right from hip-hop, trance to techno and even glitch.

Comprehensive 68 Waveforms to Choose From

For creating the stepped controller movements, it has a quantize knob and 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms. It also includes an Adaptive control smoothing for disturbance free modulations on all critical parameters. Its plug-in features a side chain input, which will allow you to cut audio from a sequencer track with the FX and sound engine of the hardware. However, this feature is available only with selected hosts.

Pros: The main essence of this keyboard is its compatibility with all the legacy Virus TIs and the Virus Snow. It enables a huge base to upgrade the existing instrument with all the latest software and that too free of cost.

Cons: It is a complete masterpiece, but the only drawback is its incompatibility with 64 bit systems.

Bottom line: The TI2 is a highly advanced instrument being produced, keeping in view the needs of the musicians who perform both in studios as well as on-stage. It is a perfect stage/stand alone instrument.

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