Kurzweil X-Pro Review

Kurzweil X-Pro Review
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Professional Synthesizer

The X-Pro series digital pianos are professional level digital pianos ideal for professional players or for those who want a perfect sounding instrument. The piano series are 128 voice instruments and are actually PC3 professional synthesizers in form of traditional piano cabinets with powerful multi-speaker sound systems. You can exploit all the features of the acclaimed PC3’s in the series.

Next Generation Control and Responsiveness

The series uses the Kurzweil’s next generation technology designed for highest musical and audio quality standards. The technology delivers deep expression and outstanding sound unlike any other. The keyboard uses Triple-Strike grand piano sample and allows up to 32 layers per voice. The piano sounds are unique in expression, realism and dynamic range.  The multiple ambience effects such as delays, phaser, reverbs, flange, and distortions enhance the quality of sounds to level where you feel you are listening to a performance in fine concert hall. It also offers dynamic range, exceptional control and responsiveness with additional ability to recreate other instrument sounds, which sound as real as that created by a piano.

Fully Weighted True Piano Feel

The digital piano has sliding keycovers, which are exceptionally safe and easy to operate. The digital pianos simulate the true feel of quality piano. The digital piano features a full weighted hammer action keyboard, which is crafted by Italian masters.  The keyboard also offers adjustable touch feature that can be used to optimize the instrument’s response (10 selectable response levels) for any person, from accomplished professionals to a child taking piano lessons.

VAST Synthesis Creation of Over 850 Instrument Sounds

The series features more than 850 stunning sound programs and up to 32 layers per program. The PC3 V.A.S.T (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) synthesis engine offers full sound editing capabilities such as event and track-based tools like swing remap, quantize, controller scaling which are useful for music production. The piano also features 128 factory programmed MIDI setups, and up to 2048 user programmable MIDI setups each with 16 independent zones, triggerable pattern based “Riffs”, arpeggiator settings and effects.  You also get dozens of user editable patterns for both velocity and pitch. The piano  allows a combination of 16 sounds in layer or split fashion.

16 Full Arpeggiators to Sound Like a Pro

The keyboard has 16 full-featured arpeggiators with selectable play order, multiple latch modes, velocity, tempo, duration and sync functions plus musical phrases and pre-recorded beats. The digital piano also features user controllable master EQ section and master compressor for quick performances. This feature is helpful in live performances and giving final touches on your studio mix.

The X-Pro series  has a intuitive user interface with 1 combo wheel for Pitch and Mod settings,  9 front panel sliders, 10 front panel switches, 3 switch pedals , 2 continuous control pedals  inputs and mono pressure.

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  1. Colleen Rulten  - November 27, 2014 - 10:42 pm

    The piano has weighted keys and beautiful grand piano sound with full keyboard and is a lovely looking piece of furniture. I would definitely give it a 5 star rating.

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