Kurzweil SP2X Review

Kurzweil SP2X Review
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Today we are going to talk about the Kurzweil SP2X stage piano. Essentially the SP2X features a very slim and sleek design which houses the bare essentials to get the job done. It is a keyboard that is designed to be slim and sleek but certainly not lacking in quality. The compactness of this keyboard and its light weight makes the Sp2X suitable for going to one gig to another.

At first glance I noticed that the keyboard doesn’t have an LCD display but rather than LED readout. Sounds like Kurzweil is trying to keep the keyboard within a certain price range.

Kurzweil’s Famed Effects Processor Built In

Many of the features on this keyboard can be accessed via 4 data knobs and a 3 mode switch. One notable feature is that the piano has 64 notes of polyphony which is quite good for a dedicated gig keyboard. The SP2X also has a USB port so that you can connect that to your computer and record songs without the use of a MIDI interface.

Kurzweil keyboards are well known for their effects processor technology and by and large this keyboard is not lacking in this area. The effects processor on this keyboard mirrors that of more professional Kurzweil keyboards which means you get crystal-clear sound with some amazing effects.

Looking at the drum section we find that the SP2X comes with 64 preset drum patterns, grooves and rhythms with playback speeds that are completely adjustable.

A Full Suite of 58 Reverbs and Effects

The effects section features 58 reverbs, six delays, 10 choruses, six slanderers, three phasers, 4 shapers and many other effects that abound on this keyboard.

Controllers included on the SP2X are the pitch wheel, modulation wheel, one switch pedal input and one continuous control pedal input. There are two 1/4 inch TRS analog outputs and a headphone jack. Of course this keyboard comes with MIDI IN/OUT/THRU inputs.

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