Kurzweil PC3X Review

Kurzweil PC3X Review
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I am going to review the Kurzweil PC3X performance controller. If you’re looking for a high-performance keyboard then this is one you should definitely be looking at. As a high-performance keyboard the PC3X is well adapted to the professional musician as well as the advanced music student or hobbyist.

The Kurzweil controller series saw its beginnings as as a MIDI controller keyboard and hence didn’t produce its own sounds, but rather, required a sound module connected to the controller to create sound. The Kurzweil PC88 was the inaugural keyboard controller of its day.

Kurzweil is Known for Producing Authentic Sounds

Unlike most keyboards out in the marketplace the PC3X really excels at providing authentic and genuinely reproduced sounds for a keyboard of this price point. If we look back at some of the other keyboards out there you’ll notice that some of these keyboards excel at sampling one or two instruments. But the Kurzweil PC3X keyboard by contrast excels with all of its sampled sounds. Combine that with the balanced hammer action and you have the makings of a keyboard that compels even the most jaded and demanding music professionals to turn their heads to take a second look at the Kurzweil PC3X.

The PC 3X is an 88 key balanced hammer performance keyboard that is geared for the for the professional musician, but not necessarily just the professional. But it should be noted that this keyboard is the ultimate in professional gear.

One of the notable features of the PC 3X keyboard how Kurzweil captures sampled sound through its proprietary ASICS dynamic sound synthesis architecture which is one of the most powerful sound engines to produce authentically replicated sounds. And that’s not all. Of its 800 sounds patches many of them can be combined in layers up to 32 deep, creating a deeply rich sound canvas.

Awesome Effects Section

The effects section of the keyboard is awesome which includes top of the line arrays of filters, flangers, envelope followers and phasers. And of course it includes Kurzweil’s signature shaper and distortion effects.

The PC3X comes complete with a vast array and incredible arpeggiators which allows up to 16 patterns to be assigned to different regions of the keyboard creating a fully textured performance experience. You’ll create lots of fills and thrills with the arpeggiator.

One of the interesting facts about the Kurzweil PC3X is that Kurzweil actually designs and manufactures its own microchips commonly referred to as ASICS. So these chips are custom-designed to provide optimal audio performance. That means that you get a keyboard with a processor that is totally dedicated to producing sounds unlike many other keyboard brands that use multi-purpose processors that are not solely dedicated to producing sound.

Sound patches included on the PC3X runs over 800 programs which is awesome for a keyboard at this price point.

Big Viewing Window

In terms of user interface the PC3X comes with a backlit display measuring 240 x 64 which provides a great viewing window.

The keyboard comes with 16 effects and 2 auxiliary sends which can be added in series or distributed to the 16 channels individually. This flexibility doesn’t compromise ability to produce rich and vibrantly professional effects that is unmatched in the digital keyboard world.

The PC3X keyboard comes complete with 128 voice polyphony which are dynamically allocated for quick performance. This is a multi-timbral keyboard at its finest with over 16 parts one for each of midi channel. And this keyboard features a sequencer with unlimited number of tracks with 1536 PPQ resolution.

The sequencer features a number of editing elements including editing features to stretch compress and copy clips as well as transpose sections of music.

In addition to the effects that we talked about earlier the PC3X comes with a master EQ as well as master compressor. Onboard controls include a pitch wheel, modulation sliders and drawbars, a couple of front panel switches, three switch pedal input and 2 continuous controller pedal inputs. The PC3X comes with 24-bit digital outputs SPDIF as well is included, MIDI in and out and thru ports including a USB MIDI port.

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  1. Rod  - May 4, 2010 - 6:25 pm

    Nice, velocity-sensitive, action with after-touch… but NOT graded. Most people wouldn’t know the difference, as long as there’s a weight involved. Those of us that grew up on (real) ivory and wood, however, do. This is an outstanding keyboard in today’s market… but please, use the proper terms in your review.

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