Kurzweil PC361 Review

Kurzweil PC361 Review
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The PC361 is based on the latest version of V.A.S.T and appears to be a standard workstation template. It features coupling sample based synthesis with virtual analogue synthesis and an unlimited track sequencer with 960 PPQ resolutions.

The PC631 employs Kurzweil’s innovative chip technology, which helps the 61 note PC361 deliver 128 voices with amazing sound quality.   The chips are optimized for optimal audio performance and the processing power of chip is dedicated exclusively to sound quality.

Hundreds of New Sounds

The Kurzweil PC361 has hundreds of new sounds such as guitars, drums, basses and synths that suit every taste and style.  In addition, it also boasts of flawless vintage keyboard emulations, KB3 mode and more than 250 orchestral and string section programs. The PC631 offers a huge sound set consisting over 850 programs thus giving you variety with audio quality.

The powerful synth engine, which is the heart of the instrument, breathes life into your performance and makes you feel will feel that you are playing the actual instrument and not just the samples. The PC361 features 16 independent arpeggiators which are fully programmable (48 step programmable), pattern generators with velocity and pitch controls per zone (allow playback of 16 patterns at one time). It also offers 16 insert effects, global Master FX section and two available auxiliary sends.

The unique feature of PC361 is Classics Keys ROM, which are vintage emulations that sound like classic recordings and vintage instruments. The sounds of the classic electromechanical instruments are recreated perfectly and you can also notice the characteristic imperfections in these sounds, which make them sound real.

The PC361 presents a complete range of excellent orchestral sounds, which also include the new String Section ROM bank. These sounds are ideal for soundtrack projects and film scoring.  You will find every kind of articulation and nuance of violins, violas, cellos and double bass in the sound bank.

V.A.S.T Limitless Effects

The dynamic V.A.S.T architecture allows users to make and store their own DSP algorithms and provides limitless possibilities for routing. With Cascade mode, each layer in the program can be diverted through DSP of any layer. The layers can be blended or arranged in series and you can work up to 32 layers in PC361. The sound can be passed through dozens of filters available and you can use Kurzweil’s signature effects processor such as Distortion, Wrap and shaper to get dazzling results.

Pros: Wide array of sound shaping options, compact, real-time front panel sliders, high build quality and sound.

Cons: Confusing Interface, need to read manual, Screen is not good.

The PC361 has a backlit 240×64 display that provides all the information whenever you need it. It is elegant and easy to navigate. You can organize your favorites and recall them easily through Quick Access. The collection of incredible sounds with comprehensive real time controller functions makes it an ultimate performance controller.

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