Korg X50 Review

Korg X50 Review
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Korg introduces the new X50 music synthesizer but don’t let its small size fool you because it is packed with lots of features. The keyboard itself features a compact and ultralight design making it a very portable keyboard to bring on the road.

512 Professional Quality Sounds

Now if we look at the features within this keyboard we can see that it has 512 professional quality sound programs using Korg’s proprietary HI synthesis system which has been standard fare in the Triton series of keyboards.

In addition to the 512 sounds there are 384 preset combination sounds which combines elements of the 512 sound programs together in various combinations. Each combination can layer up to 8 sounds. Another great feature of of the Korg  X50 is its multimode function that allows an external sequencer to control the keyboard effectively rendering the X50 as a 16 part multi-timbral sound module.

4 Separate Effects Channel

This keyboard is jam packed with a heck of a lot. To boot, a comprehensive effects section that comes with 4 separate effects channels,  one for insert, master effects and one for master EQ.

The outputs on this keyboard features four channel audio output.  to means, allowing you to separate your sounds and grouping them to effects channels so that certain effects can be applied to a group of instrument sounds without affecting other sounds

The X40 comes with 64 MB to manage the 512 sounds and 384 combinations with room to spare. With that amount of power you can create incredible songs rich in sound quality and diversity.

The Korg X 50 is compatible with the TR  line of keyboards, so you can ask transfer some of the sound patches from the TR keyboard right into your X50.

This keyboard also features an appegiator so that it can fill in a lot of the blank spots in your music. The appegiator can play the drums and bass while you fill in with the chords and melody. The appegiator comes with five basic preset arpeggio patterns but can be extended on the X.50 by acquiring 251 additional patterns.

One of the things I like about the X50 is that the display. It is very intuitive — no longer do you have to search for a particular instrument because the X50 organizes the sound patches into 16 different categories.

Features to Create a Professional Setup

This keyboard synthesizer has some enhanced features to help you develop a professional setup, for instance, there is the ability to send individual sounds through separate channels allowing to process sounds in groups or separately with EQ. Equally important, separate channels facilitates surround sound to be applied.

A USB port is provided on the X50 synthesizer to create your MIDI connection to your computer. You no longer need to connect to your computer using a MIDI interface. A simple USB connection is all you need.

A multimode 16 track sequencer that can integrate with the effects processor allows you to create rich compositions or arrangements to review safety keyboard. A librarian/editor feature makes it easy for you to store sort and organize your music.

One of the things that I noticed is that the X50 keyboard only comes with 64 notes of polyphony. With such a comprehensive and full featured keyboard, I’m a little baffled at why Korg would limit the keyboard to 64 notes of polyphony. For a keyboard of this magnitude I would expect 128 notes of polyphony.

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