Korg Radias 49 Review

Korg Radias 49 Review
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Today we’re going to talk about the Korg Radias 49 key virtual analog synthesizer. The really cool and exciting thing about this synthesizer is that it combines some of the innovations of the past, present and the future all in one small analog package.

The Radias synthesizer is based on the Korg MMT engine technology which features a 24 voice synthesizer complete with multiple effects and the latest wave shaping technology and comb filter which help to enhance sample recording i.e. vocoding into what Korg calls new formant-motion vocoding.

A Technology that Provides the Purest of Instrument Waveforms

At the heart of Korg’s synthesis is the MMT technology (which stands for multi-modeling technology) is the driving force behind this engine. The MMT technology stems from Korg’s OASYS architecture synthesis which also eliminates aliasing noise even in the upper frequency ranges providing you with the purest of waveforms.The Korg Radias comes with two oscillators for each timbre.

These oscillators not only provide the means to create analog waveforms but also also formant waveforms, noise, also pulse width modulation, and of course Korg’s proprietary variable phase modulation or cross modulation technology. All of these features can be used to create some incredibly complex sounds.

Daisy Chain Filters for One of a Kind Effects and Sounds

The Radias also features dual filter architecture with each of these filters operating in independently, side-by-side or can be chained in series creating maximum effect. The first filter on the Radias is a continuous variable multimode filter which can be used as a low pass, band pass or high pass filter. It also features three envelope generators which can be used to apply time delay changes to the pitch, filter cutoff and the amplifier level including a host of other parameters as well.

The Korg Radias comes also with a headset and microphone that can be used to record your voice or what is often referred to as vocoding, using your voice to modulate another sound.

Activate Filters to Specific Frequencies

The effect section of the Radias comes with a 2-band equalizer which features 2 insert effects for each timbre, master effect which can be used against a complete program for a total of nine possible simultaneous sound effects.

The Radias also includes an arppegiator which can be applied against each of the individual timbres. The arppegiator in itself is limited to six patterns which is not very expansive.

Sequencer as Drum Machine

The Radias also features a two-step sequencer which can also be used as a drum machine.

One of the features that I like about the Radias is that it comes complete with 256 programs, 32 drum kits and 16 formant motion sets. All of these were created by synthesizer experts located around the world.

All in all this is a fairly good vocoder synthesizer.

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