Korg R3 Review

Korg R3 Review
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The R3 is an easy and affordable way to experience and enjoy advanced sound creation with the help of sophisticated synthesis. it comes across as a full-fledged synthesizer light in weight and compact at the same time. The system packs 37 full size velocity-sensing keys with 2-timbre 8-voice performance power.

Multiple Modeling Technology for Crisp Gutsy Sound

The Korg R3 sound generator section features the widely acclaimed MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology) found in Korg Radias. The technology is known to deliver crisp, thick, gutsy sound. Beginners as well as professionals are satisfied with the quality of sound produced. It can be successfully used to add synth sounds in music production as well as in live stage performances.

The built in oscillator algorithm covers a wide range of sound forms ranging from digital to analog synthesizer waveforms and live audio inputs. The R3 has two built-in oscillators, which give choice of seven different waveforms including pulse, sawtooth, formant, DWGS and noise. You can also select an external audio source received from Audio Input 1 and 2 jacks. You can experiment with music, applying different technique of modulation, unison voice thickening, pulse-width modulation and Variable Phase Modulation (VPM).

You can combine two analog synthesizer sounds using Oscillator 2 (OSC2). The OSC2 can also be used to apply ring modulation, sync modulation. The white noise generated by noise generator can be used to create breath noise in wind instrument sounds or create resonant sound effects.

Dual Filter System to Get the Exact Sound You Want

The R3 uses dual filter structure, which can be set in series, parallel or independent structure arrangement where both Oscillators have their own independent filters. Both filters are capable of functioning in different ways. The Filter1 allows you to change among high-pass, low-pass and band reject characteristics. Filter 2 allows comb filtering which boosts multiple series of overtones that increase the potential of creating amazing tonal changes.

The Korg R3 has 2 band EQ and 2 insert effects. You can choose between 30 different algorithms for each effect. It also has a Master effect option to apply delay and reverb effects. It has a flexible arpeggiator, which has six different arpeggio patterns. You can produce unique phrase having rhythm varieties by using the features, which allow you to control duration of the note. It comes with 128 great sounding program options. There programs are well arranged as per their sound category in 16 sets having 8 programs each. Two steps, the bank select dial and selector program buttons can easily access the sounds. R3 provides wide spectrum of sounds, which can enlighten your performance and music.

Intuitive Interface to Find Instruments Fast

All the features of Korg R3 can be accessed through its intuitive and elegant interface. You will find that editing sounds is relatively easy using the R3. The sub displays the parameters and values and the presence of editing knobs helps you to modify and tune sound as per your preference. The R3 presents user with four different knobs that perform different functions such as filter, resonance, attack and decay. These effects can alter the sound in a radical way and you can change the music to suit your expectations.

Good: Korg R3 will help you to discover new boundaries in sound creation. The small size is by no means an indication of reduced feature set and capability It is small, sturdy and good value for money

Bad: It sounds too digital. Since many of the features offered are new, you will have to learn the right way to use them. Not much of a knowledge base or support is available to learn these new features. Slightly over-priced.

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