Korg PA800 Review

Korg PA800 Review
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The Korg Pa800 is a complete entertainer keyboard featuring 61 touch responsive keys, 120 polyphonic notes, 950x sounds, EQ, 64x drum kits, 64 MB sampler, digital drawbar organ, 320x programmable performances 4x  stereo master effects, XDS double sequencer,  TC Helicon Vocalist, 320x styles,  2x 22watts speaker system, color touch-screen display, 256 MB internal SSD flash memory, lyrics display, programmable song book, USB to host and USB to device connections,  MIDI in/out/thru,  stereo line out and many exciting features. It is the most powerful, intuitive and interactive Arranger keyboard produced till-date that also produces stunning sound.

Developed from Musician Surveyed Across the Country

The Pa80 (predecessor of Pa800) was the industry standard for thousands of music professionals all around the world. So while developing its successor, Korg made a study of needs and requirement of modern musical professionals and the technology preferred by them. Pa 800 was developed after taking suggestions and interviews from musicians from many countries. Hence, it is loaded with distinct features you would hardly find in any one-arranger keyboard.

The Pa800 draws inspiration from the Pa1x and uses the RX technology as the guiding principle in all its sound and design decisions. The Rx Technology (Real Experience) is known to stun listeners with its sound quality and performance standards.

Featuring a Vocal Processor

Pa800 uses the best technology possible in vocal processing and harmonies. Korg worked with TC Electronics for developing vocal processing system in Pa800. TC Electronics are world-recognized leaders in audio technology. The vocal processing system uses TC Helicon Voice processor. It features professional quality effects (echo, reverb and many more) and EQ designed specially for processing vocals. You can achieve highest quality of sound using built-in 3-voice harmonizer and high quality mic premap.

A Graphical Interface You Can Touch

You can hardly imagine how easy it is to use the PA800 even though it’s packed with features and technology power. Korg made the interface intuitive, fast, elegant and easy to understand. The graphical user interface employs a Graphical touch screen, making the RX technology work at your command by thinking, pointing and clicking at functions.

Two Mode Display Screen

The graphical user interface has two modes, EASY and EXPERT. The EASY mode displays only important controls and removes the cluttering features that confuse user.  This mode is intended for beginners.

The EXPERT mode gives control of all editing controls present in Pa800. This mode is intended for EXPERTS who know everything about working and application of different functions.

The technology and ease of use does not let Pa800 compromise on sound quality. It has the most powerful synth sound engine, which delivers detailed, rich and sophisticated natural sound. Every sound it produces explodes with richness, accuracy, nuance and depth. It also employs OASYS (the most powerful synthesizer known) in its sound system.

Pa800 has the largest sample library available and provides professional editing tools to loop, cut, slice, crop, and normalize sounds. You can also create your own unique rhythms. Since it is intended for music professionals, it includes different musical styles. The Intro 3/Count In, Fill 3/Break, and Ending 3 Style Elements will add realism to the stage performances.

Good: Packed with features, Easy to use, Great sound

Bad: The TC voice harmony used is less powerful than the TC Helicon stand-alone version. No independent controls for TC Helicon. Too much of plastic is used in construction.

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