Korg Pa1X Pro Elite Review

Korg Pa1X Pro Elite Review
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The new Korg Pa1X Pro Elite is a professional arranger keyboard, perfect for use in the home and studio, or on stage.  With a 76 note semi-weighted keyboard, full color Touch View display, and SDS dual sequencer, Korg believes it is the ideal instrument for parties and playing out.

As well as MIDI In/Out ports, coaxial S/P DIF output, various pedal inputs and a USB port, the Pa1X Pro Elite includes an MP3 encoder option and CD-RW drive as standard. There are a staggering 350 musical styles included with the Korg Pa1X Pro Elite, and the potential to download or simply play many more via the floppy drive.

Accompaniment Styles with 62 Notes of Polyphony

For each style you have the possibility of eight accompaniment parts, four variations, two intros and endings, three fills, a break and a count-in.  The accompaniment will be automatically altered to remain in key with your playing. The considerable 62 notes of polyphony may seem generous, but with 760 preset sounds, and an additional 512 you can program yourself, you may find you will need it.

128 Programmable Drum Kits

On top of this you can make use of 48 preset and 128 programmable drum kits.  Korg have recently launched their RX Technology, created to generate a detailed, refined yet natural sound, and the Pa1X Pro Elite is their first arranger keyboard to incorporate this feature.

The Korg Pa1X Pro Elite comes with two sequencers so that one can play while the other is loading.  This function makes this an ideal keyboard for playing at parties and the DJ style cross fader that blends between the two sequencers really adds a professional touch. For the really ambitious, both sequencers can be synched to produce a staggering 40 part arrangement.

The sequencers afford immense editing power, and are compatible with SMF and Karaoke files. A vast user defined database of preset songs, with accompanying style, sound, tempo and effects, means you can find and play requests with minimum hassle.

The sampling features of the Pa1X Pro Elite enable sampled sounds to be sliced, assigned to preset sounds, or edited. The standard sample memory of 16MB can be doubled if necessary and the sample is able to read .WAV, AIFF, Korg and AKAI samples and multisamples.

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