Korg MicroX Review

Korg MicroX Review
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If you are a fan of Korg Triton sounds, but can’t afford it due to its high price, then there is some good news for you. The new Korg microX packs majority of its features into a 5-pound, 2–octave keyboard at an affordable price.

A Powerful Packed Punch in a Compact Synthesizer

This Korg is a compact and portable music synthesizer that features advanced controls and up-to-date integration with computer based music systems. You will be thrilled when you experience its true sonic power as it comes packed with hundreds of great sounds. The Korg music synthesizer comes in bundled with wonderful sounds generated by world-renowned HI synthesis system Korg Triton series. The model fits perfectly in today’s on-the-go studio or computer based home setup.  It is a perfect complement for any performance scene, and production of any style of musical genre.

This Korg piano brims with features that you won’t find in other keyboards of similar class. It features 640 programs covering wide range of styles and the combination mode provides you with the ability to combine up to eight programs to create complex sounds. It comes loaded with 384 combinations, 5 basic arpeggio patterns and 251 different phrases.

4-Channel Audio for Sophisticated Audio Output

You can use four high quality effects simultaneously with effect types, which include wide range of sounds from sound field simulation to creative transformations. Four channel audio output grants you the ability create sophisticated sounds using mixing techniques with help of external effects processors and surround applications.

The instant recall of 16-part timbral grouping can be used with external DAW software.  Multi sets provides and easy way of setup. The powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiators offer a wide array of possibilities ranging from distinctive flourishes to realistic phrases. The keyboard provides the musician the ability to use external control setups with DAW software, soft synths and other devices. The instrument can be connected to computer through USB connector. The Editor and Editor plug-in software can be used for consistent editing of sounds using DAW software.

Complex Synthesis but Easy to Operate

Though it sounds like an advanced synthesizer  is also easy to operate. It features sound search functionality with a dedicated category button for easy access. Most popular categories such as keyboard, bass, synths, drums can be accessed directly from front panel buttons.  The Audition button plays an appropriate demo phrase for every sound you select. It gives quick idea and you can use the sound more effectively.

You can also edit sounds on your computer using the editor software provided.  The editor software can be used as a plug-in with DAW software on computer or as a standalone program.

Pros: Expressive sounds, compact, Good touch response, wide range of quality patches.

Cons: No expansion slots, No vocoder capabilities

The Korg MicroX is a complete package, which includes great sounds and functionality. It gives complete freedom of performance systems and fits perfectly in the production environment.

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