Korg MicroSAMPLER Review

Korg MicroSAMPLER Review
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The MicroSAMPLER is the latest addition that serves sampling accompanied by powerful performance. It delivers pattern sequencing, multi-mode sampling, resampling and over the top effects. All these features are further complemented with a fun to use intuitive interface, which adds to the enjoyment.  Though it is named as microSAMPLER, its complete sound design studio promises to create up-to-the-minute loops and phrases.

Cool Reverse Playback

The microSAMPLER offers top-end sampling features to boost your creative potential. It offers reverse playback, 14-voice polyphony, editing operations such as Truncate and Normalize. The time Stretch features allows you to change the tempo without disturbing the pitch. You can select different sample rates of 12 kHz, 24 kHz, and 48 kHz and go down till 6 kHz.  Each bank comes preloaded with 36 samples and 16 patterns of sequence data (16,000 notes per pattern or a maximum of 64,000 notes). MicroSampler allows you to store eight such banks in its internal memory.

5 Sampling Methods at Your Fingertips

The new Korg offers five distinct sampling methods, which can be used to get the desired results. It offers traditional one-shot sampling (for grabbing and triggering single events such as drums) and loop sampling (for recording grooves and phrases, drum loops)  plus a host of other creative sampling modes such as Loop, Key Gate (for playing a sound musically across the keyboard) and Auto- Next (for capturing phrases as multiple samples).  In simple terms, it offers sampling in every creative form.

The resampling function allows you to play existing layered samples refined by effect and played by the pattern sequencer. This new creation can be captured and stored as a new sample. It is possible to sample during performance or playing and the sampling process becomes the integral part of your creative performance.

Stay in the Loop

The microSAMPLER also features KAOSS PAD series, a great effect engine that works great with a selection of effects. This feature is quite helpful when editing samples. The LOOP recording feature allows the effects to be used repeatedly to create more sonic expression.

It also features a new natural touch micro keyboard, which provides enhanced playability and good expressive power.  The proportion of black and white keys has made the chords easier to finger and feather touch keys helps playing of rapid phrases.  The controllers are properly laid out for intuitive operation. The LEDs on the top of the keyboard provides excellent visibility on stage. It also includes a splendid gooseneck microphone in the package. Therefore, you can start recordings instantly.

Good: Excellent for sampling and loops, velocity sensitive pads

Bad: No transpose keys, no performance wheels

The recessed controls, informative displays and bright LEDs make the operation fun and easy for beginners as well as seasoned pros.

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