Korg C340 Review

Korg C340 Review
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There has been very little change with the two new Korg keyboards namely the Korg C340 and the Korg C350. That cabinet styling resembles that of its predecessors.

Stylish Wood Trim

There has been some small changes in the styling in particular the wood trim features rounded edges and long and slim foot pedestals and slab mounted sides.

The top deck is garnished with a silver medal flashing that houses the display and control knobs and buttons. The unfortunate truth is that this keyboard does not come with a piano bench course tool

Interestingly enough the Korg C340 and C540 come both with two power supplies each allowing the keyboard to be powered anywhere in the world.

These keyboard still utilize its standard RH3 keyboard action which has been available on many models in the past. The RH3 standard is the epitome when it comes to graded hammer action. Korg’s graded hammer action for separate graded hammer weights from bass to treble.

Surprising Keyboard Action

Having tried this keyboard I was quite astonished with the action and response… my fingers felt really great on this keyboard. As a classically trained pianist and jazz musician the keyboard was heavy enough to provide quick response it lightweight enough to allow my fingers to fly across the keyboard.

The C540 comes preloaded with forty samples sounds all available through the sound bank located near the display panel. As with all preloaded sound banks grand piano is probably the most important of all. It is without question that the grand piano has to be authentic and in this case it truly is.

As with many other keyboards you can layer 2 sounds together with this added feature you’ll have to be careful with respect to the polyphony as it may appear to be a tad underpowered. Included in the preset sound banks are the usual suspects like electric pianos, harpsichords and organs.

The organ sounds are separated into two distinct groups featuring jazz type sounds that mimic the Hammond organ and then there is the pipe organ sounds. The pipe organ sounds are not that great in that the attack is a little slow and sounds a bit wheezy.

The string pads are fine and are fairly typical of Korg’s run-of-the-mill pads.

Two Track MIDI Sequencer

The Korg C340 feature a two track midi sequencer which is adequate for home use is considered a little weak for recording studio purposes. If you’re thinking of composing music with full orchestration then I would consider other keyboards that are better suited to this purpose. But for the casual recording sessions at home than the Korg C340 will suffice.

All in all the Korg C340 is a well-rounded digital piano for home use.

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