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    1Yamaha P-25555555Read Reviews
    2Yamaha DGX-6504.884.884.884.884.88Read Reviews
    3Casio PX-5S4. Reviews
    4Yamaha P-454. Reviews
    5Casio CTK-44004.674.674.674.674.67Read Reviews

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  • Study Finds That Music Can Help You Lose Weight!

    Ever notice that you drive faster when you are listening to a song you love? The same is true of exercise! Listening to your favorite song can make you walk faster without even realizing you are doing it. Music can serve as an invisible partner, urging you, motivating you, supporting you to take that

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  • Difference Between Digital Piano and Digital Keyboard

    So what’s the difference between a digital piano a digital keyboard? Quite simply a digital piano has weighted keys which means that the keys are designed for the practicing musician or pianist. Weighted keys help the classical pianist or any musician to strengthen their fingers while they play

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  • Chords Inside Out

    No Matter Which Keyboard We Choose, We All Need To Know Chords Inside-Out & Upside-Down. Every musician has his or her favorite keyboards. I love my Roland and my Yamaha slabs, and you have your favorites as well. And that’s as it should be. But no matter what keyboards we play, we all need

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