Casio PX130 Review

Casio PX130 Review
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Playing the PX 130 for the first time is quite an experience. The digital keyboard features an impressive Tri-Sensor hammer weighted 88 note keyboard that is highly responsive. With its upgraded features and light weight structure, the piano is a great portable option to play with friends, students or colleagues in nearly any environment. Paired with a stand and some solid sheet music, it’s a piano that offers a superior playing experience.

Music Technology Performance

This keyboard delivers an upgraded digital music experience with dynamic stereo sound and impressive range, powered by a patented Linear Morphing System. As a result, the piano picks up subtle notes between ranges, delivering a nuances and high quality experience which mirrors the best that acoustic pianos have to offer. Integrated pedal technology allows you to connect a pedal accessory for a full dynamic range, delivering a stereo sampling which is on par with the best acoustic technology in the industry. With full 128 note polyphony you’ll think you’re in an acoustic concert hall, and your ears won’t be too far from accurate in that assessment.

One aspect which truly separates the Casio piano from the competition is the quality of the keyboard. Designed with a complete 88 key weighted hammer structure, you will get the responsiveness and quality expected from the model. Playing nuanced pieces such as Chopin or even modern ballads will have the full richness and sound which delivers impressive performance for a compact digital model (which weighs under 25 pounds.)

USB Connectivity

In addition to its built in features, the model can connect directly with an MIDI connection via USB, allowing you to upload songs you recorded for future reference. This allows for great collaborative and teaching opportunities, making the Casio keyboard ideal for students and teachers looking to improve the workflow during the learning process. Internal memory allows you to store a few songs, and the integrated upload feature marks a natural transition toward broader distribution.

Learning to Play Piano

Designed for players at all levels, the piano is impressive for teachers and students who need a flexible option. With an integrated metronome, you can tune your playing to nearly any tempo and can review your recorded tracks in real time or for later review. Being able to adjust your metronome in real time provides a great advantage for students learning new pieces and time signatures, offering an integrated model for adjusting the play quickly.

When playing in person, it has a duet mode which can effectively define two ranges on the piano so you can play along with a teacher. The integrated recording option lets you review songs for quality, while the upload feature allows for comprehensive review sessions. Nearly any musical option, from integrated pedals to adjusting the voice of the keyboard, is possible with this digital keyboard. Since the model is portable, it’s easy to move for storage or to take to a student lesson.

Evaluating This Model

The breadth of the keyboard goes beyond just a realistic replica of an acoustic piano – it offers a complete library of voices which can help you to understand universal musical notes across keys, voice and strings. Listening to classical or modern pieces and replicating them in their native voice can help to accelerate the musical understanding process. With the ability to play the included set of songs in local memory and upload outputs for editing with a computer program such as Logic Studio (purchased separately), the piano offers a sound choice to those who want versatility in moving beyond a traditional keyboard.

Even more impressive than the individual features in the model is the underlying technology:

  • There are 4 types of chorus and reverb, and you can adjust the brilliance of the song to match your desire aesthetic.
  • With 16 tones and 128 notes, the keyboard delivers an output that will bring a smile to any music lover’s face.
  • Included with the piano are a high quality music stand, AC adapter and comprehensive user’s manual as well as outputs for USB integration.

Casio makes keyboards and pianos are nearly every level, and the latest version of the  Casio PX  series shows the improvement in the company’s dedication to technology. The keys on the model feel sturdy and strong, while the output is much more impressive than most traditional keyboards on the market. At the high end of the scale, the notes truly resonate and sing, resulting in an impressive performance capability. The lower notes on the scale have just the right among of reverb, which will let you impressed with the overall performance.

Overall, the price-value combination is quite impressive. You may not find a better deal on the market today. Even compared to top of the line digital models or entry level upright acoustics, Casio has released a compelling alternative that makes for a sound investment. Given its portable structure, nearly every room can find a place to store the keyboard, which you can pair with a bench and console with relative ease. Although its structure doesn’t make for an upscale furniture piece, you can be proud to showcase and play the piano for guests of all types. As Casio continues to evolve their digital piano technology, players will benefit and this model offers a great opportunity to truly take the model to the next level. The evolution of Casio digital models has resulted in a high power, impressive keyboard which you can be proud to call your next piano.

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