Casio Privia PX120 Review

Casio Privia PX120 Review
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All the talk is about the very affordable Casio PX120 digital piano. This keyboard is certainly a budget keyboard that packs a lot of value for the price.

The keyboard itself is somewhat lightweight at less than 30 pounds. The specs indicate this keyboard has scaled hammer action but when I had tried it it really didn’t feel like be graded hammer action that I was expecting, but then again for a budget keyboard it was quite good. That is not to say that this keyboard is cheap.

Full 88 Key Piano

Overall the Casio PX120 does provide excellent sound samples in it sound bank for this 88 key piano keyboard. Although the technical manual describes the Casio PX 120 as having 128 notes of polyphony others have speculated that that is not quite true. Rumor has it that this keyboard has 64 notes of polyphony in stereo sample mode giving it somewhat 128 notes of polyphony.

The music library comes complete with 60 preset songs where the songs volume is adjustable. The percussion section comes complete with 20 preset rhythms, with Temple that is adjustable from anywhere from 20 to 255.

The PX120 comes with start/stop, and Synchro/fill-in controllers as the audio accompaniment feature on this keyboard.

Also featured on this digital piano is a small 16 channel sequencer that allows you to record one song with two tracks and 5000 notes in total memory capacity.

Two Damper Pedals

To help you play smoothly this piano comes with a damper pedal with soft and sostenuto pedals.

Transposition features allow you to transpose your music up to one octaves or one octave below the original key.

Standard equipment this keyboard comes with two stereo mini jacks allows you to play without disturbing the rest of the family.

Interestingly, the Casio PX120 features a duet mode which allows you to split the keyboard right down the middle so that two players can play on the keyboard. That is particularly good for students learning the piano where pieces of music are played by two students learning to play duets. It would have been great to have had that when I was growing up and learning to play the piano.

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