Yamaha YPG-535 Review

Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano with Stand and Power Adapter

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Yamaha offers a variety of keyboards, digital pianos and workstations at a number of different price points. The YPG-535 is a digital piano featuring a full 88 key layout with what they term graded or soft touch action, which they claim feels similar, though not quite the same, as playing with weighted keys.

The YPG-535 offers recording capability with a relatively easy-to-navigate interface, and it also gives users the ability to connect to a desktop or laptop computer via USB, and, unlike with the less expensive models, Yamaha includes a power adapter, stand and pedal for sustain along with the piano itself.

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Yamaha YPG-535 Overview

The YPG-535 is Yamaha’s next step in digital pianos above the YPG-235, which is smaller and features 76 keys. Unlike many digital pianos, Yamaha’s YPG models are made for portability, and these pianos allow users to detach them from the stands and transport them easily to other locations.

The YPG-535 will typically come along with Yamaha’s Essentials Pak, which includes a power adapter, seat and headphones. This piano offers USB out and USB storage and has an LCD display so users can see their selected tones, rhythms and more.

Video Overview of Yamaha YPG-535

Yamaha YPG-535 Major Features

This digital piano offers users what Yamaha calls graded action on their keys. Unlike weighted keys, graded action keys don’t feel like pressing piano keys, but they do register how hard or soft you press them by increasing or decreasing the volume. This is a common feature on digital pianos in this price point.

Graded action gives users the ability to play more dynamically in terms of volume but without the added expense of weighted keys. The piano’s ROM allows for high-quality grand piano sounds, and the YPG-535 also features MIDI out and Yamaha’s Education Suite, which benefits anyone looking to learn how to play the piano.


The sounds and look of the piano made it a good value for the money. We like the variety of sounds available as well as the quality of the sounds being produced. Additionally, we feel that the piano looks nice and that the stand and piano were well put together.


The stand is easy to assemble, and the number of features available on the piano exceeded expectations for a digital piano at this price. We also like that the keyboard has a full 88-key layout like an acoustic piano.


Most complaints about this piano are about the speakers and the feel and sound of the keys while playing. The keys make clicking sounds while pressed. Overall, this digital piano doesn’t feel like it compares to an acoustic piano and it seems more like a portable keyboard. Also, the unit’s speakers have clear sound at low and mid-range volumes but at loud volumes the sound becomes distorted.

Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand Keyboard Performance

Alamo Music Center’s Yamaha YPG-535 Review


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