Yamaha YPG 235 Review

Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

Today we are going to talk about the Yamaha YPG 235 keyboard.  It is scaled down from the 635 model but at a more affordable price.

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The piano in itself is not a beginner piano, but is certainly not a professional piano but sits somewhere in between and at a price point that is great for the cash strapped musician. And even at that price point the YPG235 comes with a  six track sequencer. And if you are a beginning student, this keyboard comes with a great feature – the Yamaha Educational Suite.

Graded Hammer Action

Yamaha YPG 235 Review


The keyboard itself features a graded hammer action with medium weighted keys. The keyboard features great sound patches for the price. This keyboard is not just reserved for the beginning student but also for the professional keyboardist who is looking for a budget piano.

The YPG235 features a comprehensive set of sound patches but at its core is the YPG delivers a wonderful grand piano sound. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Yamaha is well known for making fine acoustic grand pianos, sounds that have been captured in the Yamaha YPG235.  The stereo sampled grand piano sounds very true to life.

What’s interesting about this keyboard as well that the semi-weighted graded hammer action adapts well to the beginning and mid-level pianist. Quite simply the beginner has a chance to scale up their playing ability without running into roadblocks that can overburden the beginner pianist with a fully weighted keyboard.

Effective Learning Tools Great for Skill Development

Yamaha YPG 235 Review


The Yamaha educational suite features a unique and highly effective learning tool that is also very simple to follow along. Educational tools are designed to help any students of any age to further their musical development. The YPG235 comes complete with 30 internal songs and with a CD-ROM that includes an additional 70 songs.

What’s interesting about the educational suite is that it is designed to be simple to follow, removing impediments to help the student progress in their piano playing abilities.

In addition to the Yamaha Educational System you can download songs from a vast Internet based library just by plugging your YPG235 to your computer using the piano’s USB port and then downloading the library files to your keyboard.

Download Songs and Learn by Example

You can learn so much from the downloaded songs by following along with the midi file in play mode from the 6 track sequencer.  Or you can use the sequencer to lay down your own tracks and learn how to put music together.

Personally I like to lay down the drum track to get the feel and rhythm, then chords and bass to further enrich the rhythm and lastly the melody. I find doing it this way help me to get my creative juices going to create the melody.

The piano comes complete with backlit LCD panel 489 GM voices, a dual/split keyboard and 32 notes of polyphony. The keyboard comes complete with inputs for the headphones and the sustain pedal. Overall this is a great keyboard for the price.

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