Roland Go: Keys Review (2021): A Solid Entry-Level Keyboard by an Industry Leader

Roland GO:KEYS 61-key Music, Creation Keyboard with Integrated Bluetooth Speakers (GO-61K)

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The Roland Go: Keys is so easy to use, it’ll help you create music even if it’s your first time with a piano.

The innovative Loop Mix function allows you to produce any kind of music and the touch control lets you play around with your own recorded looped sounds.

Record your performances with the in-built recorder and play it back to find out what needs to be fixed. Connect to MIDI through Bluetooth. Sync your Roland Go: Keys with your phone or tablet and mix your own sounds with your favorite tunes online.


The Roland Go: Keys costs around USD 320, which is quite reasonable considering it comes with touch-sensitive keys (not weighted though). It is ideal for those who have begun taking an interest in music and don’t have a massive budget.

For those who have an even tighter budget, they can find a used version of the same keyboard at around USD 285.

Quick Overview of the Roland Go: Keys

Apart from the Loop Mix function, the Roland Go: Keys offers a range of different sounds and recorder to take your music to the next level. With the Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can download your favorite tunes and learn how to play them on the piano. If you’re a novice, you can even download your piano lessons on your phone and easily play along.

This compact instrument weighs a mere 8.6 lbs and is battery-operated, so you can take your music with you wherever you go. Whether you’re playing on the streets, at a local club or your cousin’s bar mitzvah, you can easily take the Roland Go: Keys with you.

he Roland Go: Keys comes with 500+ sounds taken from the Roland synth models. The category buttons allow you to use sounds that imitate pianos, strings, bass, etc., so you can create your own one-man band.

Video Overview of Roland Go

Roland Go: Keys Specs

Here is a quick look at the main specs of the Roland Go: Keys. Consider this to be a checklist that’ll help you tick off the specs you’re in search of. It’ll also help you discover any bonus specifications in the instrument:




61-key non-weighted keyboard- regular-sized keys 


Touch-sensitive keys


Weighs around 8.6 lbs (making it one of the lighter options available)


LCD Display screen


154 preset songs, including touch tutor, chord study, and chord progression practice songs

Jacks & Ports

Pitch modulation feature available MIDI connectivity through USB Comes with 1 headphone jack Single pedal input


Operated by 6 AA batteries


Complete synthesizer action available Built-in speakers Bluetooth available offering compatibility with smartphones and tablets

Roland Go: Keys Features

Here is a look at the main features of the Roland Go: Keys:

  • The Loop Mix

Loop Mix essentially works in such a way that allows users to trigger loop phases from the keyboard and build up their own music so that it sounds more professional. It can help you incorporate the sounds of other instruments, such as drums and bass. 

The instrument also offers touch performance pads that can help you play around with and manipulate your own sounds until they sound perfect. 

  • Bluetooth

You can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to your keyboard with the Bluetooth function. Look up your favorite sounds and stream them through your keyboard’s speakers. Play piano instrumental of your top 5 songs and become the next musician to look out for on YouTube. 

The MIDI function is better utilized by mid to pro-level players. Convert the format of your music with the help of MIDI and incorporate it with pre-existing music. 

  • Portability

This lightweight instrument weighs a mere 8.6 lbs! It has built-in speakers, so you can play your music anywhere, from the subway to your living room. Take it on camping trips and midnight barbecues. If you don’t want to disturb your neighbors while you practice, simply plug in your headphones in the headphone jack to mute the sound. 

  • Wide Range of Sounds 

This piano is packed with over 500 high-quality sounds that you can play straight out of the box. These sounds have been taken from some of Roland’s most highly acclaimed synthesizers, which allows you to choose from a whole list of quality instruments. This includes a selection of responsive drums, bass instruments, realistic sounding strings, a large range of synths and so much more. This makes it a highly versatile instrument that allows you to take your songs to a whole new level by incorporating numerous sounds into your loop mix jams! 

  • ScratchX Compatibility

This Roland piano is believed to be the perfect companion for ScratchX. ScratchX is a free educational programming language and an online community mainly targeted at children. By combining this platform with the Go Keys ScratchX extension, children can create interactive games, stories, and animations, which is a great way for them to explore and expand their creativity.

  • Subscription to Skoove

When you purchase the Roland Go: Key, you don’t just get an amazing, high-quality keyboard, but you also get a 3-month Skoove subscription. Skoove is a great learning application that teaches you how to play your favorite songs on the piano via your computer or phone. It teaches music theory in a super fun, engaging manner where you get to learn all the songs that you really want to learn. The application also gives a tutorial on how to read notes and play different scales and chords. The best part is that the app is completely free for three months after you register. 

  • One-Touch Control 

A great feature of the Roland Go: Keys is that it includes a one-touch control that helps you manipulate the sounds of your loops and create exactly the kind of music that you really want.

Who the Roland Go: Keys Most Suitable for?

With the simple functions and easy-to-understand interface, the Roland Go: Keys is a fantastic beginner keyboard. Whether your child in high school wants to join a rock band or you want to busk in the subway and share your music with the world, the Roland Go: Keys is perfect for you.

The price range makes it fairly affordable for nearly anyone with an interest in music. Despite being lightweight, the Roland Go: Keys feels luxurious and is the ideal stepping-stone to the full, 88-key piano.

What’s Included with the Roland Go: Keys Piano?


The Roland Go: Keys package comes with the following items:

  • 61-key keyboard 
  • In-built Bluetooth speakers
  • AC adaptor 
  • User manual 
  • Safety use guide 
  • Power supply unit

Additional Accessories to Consider

Here is a list of the main accessories that you will need before you’re ready to start creating music on your Roland Go: Keys:

Piano Bench & Stand

In order to play the piano, you actually need a surface to play it on. A piano bench will ensure that you’re sitting at the right height to play your instrument on. 


Even if you plan on playing your music for the public, you’ll need to practice for which you need a decent headset. Most pianists prefer headphones over earbuds since they’re noise-cancelling and more comfortable (although they may hurt your ears slightly after prolonged use).

AA Batteries

You’ll need 6 of these and some spares to play your instrument. Backups are important, especially if you’re performing live.

Pros of the Roland Go: Keys


  • Lightweight and compact size make it easy to take anywhere, and play with a cord or battery power
  • Offers fun features, such as the Loop Mix to help you release your musical creativity 
  • Easy-to-use interface (ideal for beginners)
  • In-built tunes to inspire you to create your own new sounds 
  • Touch-sensitive keys. 


  • No option to save your Loop Mix sounds
  • Limited sound selection 
  • No quick access buttons
  • No split function. 

Roland Go: Keys YouTube Tutorials

Check the out the following YouTube videos that will help you begin playing on the Roland Go: Keys piano and also help you understand its features:

Roland Go: Keys Manual

To learn more about the features of the Roland Go: Keys, along with a detailed user manual and instruction guide, you can check out the following links:


Roland Go: Keys vs. Yamaha P71

Many buyers often get stuck when it comes to choosing between the Roland Go: Keys and the Yamaha P71. With both instruments being from renowned brands and offering a range of features, it becomes difficult to determine which one is the right choice. Here’s an overview of their basic features to help you decide between the two:


The Yamaha P71 costs around USD 400, whereas the Roland Go: Keys costs around USD320. This is not a significant price difference so we’ll walk you through some other differences in their features to help you make your decision. 

Number of Keys

The Yamaha P71 has a full 88 keys, unlike the Roland, which has 61 keys. This means that for the more advanced players, the Yamaha appears to be the better option. If you intend to play certain types of music, such as classical, you will need the full 88-key piano. 


The Roland Go: Keys weighs (8.6 lbs) nearly half that of the Yamaha P71 (25 lbs). This makes it more portable and easy to carry around. That being said, 25 lbs is also quite light for a full keyboard, which means that either one will be suitable if you want to take your music with you wherever you go. 


Polyphony is a measure of an instrument’s ability to play multiple sounds at the same time. The Roland Go: Keys has a polyphony number of 128, whereas the Yamaha has a number of 64. Since the greater the number, the more sounds you can play simultaneously, it appears that the Roland Go: Keys wins in this category. 

Duo Function

The Yamaha P71 comes with a duo function or a split mode that allows the keyboard to be split into half. This means that two players can play the piano at the same time, and each gets 44 keys. This is a great option when it comes to piano lessons as the instructor and the student can play at the same time. The Roland Go: Key, on the other hand, doesn’t come with this feature. 

Both instruments have different features to offer and in the end, it comes down to what specifications you’re looking for and what factors are more important. If having an ultra-lightweight instrument is a must, then the Roland Go: Keys is ideal. If you need a full 88-key keyboard, then the Yamaha is better.

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The Roland Go: Keys is a solid entry-level piano with a range of features that are ideal for beginner-level pianists. Its compatibility with platforms, such as ScratchX, makes it a great keyboard for children to help them jam along with their favorite nursery rhymes and understand how to read and play the piano. 

Just remember that while starting out with a 61-key keyboard will help you get the hang of piano basics, if you’re truly interested in music, this keyboard can’t be your lifelong companion. At some point, you will need to advance to a full 88-key instrument, but until then, the Roland Go: Keys is a good starting point.

Roland GO:KEYS 61-key Music Creation Piano Keyboard with Integrated Bluetooth Speakers (GO-61K)

Roland Go Keys (click image for more info)


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