Casio LK 265 Tutorial: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Casio LK 265 Tutorial

To help you get the most enjoyment out of your Casio LK-265, we’ve put together this tutorial page. On this page you’ll find help with:

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Casio LK-265 Official Videos

Casio Singapore has a series of good tutorials to show you how to:

Use Chordana app and connect the app to the keyboard

Use Lesson Function

Use Dance Music Mode

Import external MIDI files to Chordana app and transfer files from app to keyboard

Common Usage Questions & Problems Related to Casio LK-265

How to turn off velocity on LK-265

To turn off velocity (keyboard pressure) on the LK-265, you may follow the steps below.

  1. 1Press the “FUNCTION” button.
  2. 2Press the “FUNCTION” button 8 times until “Touch” appears on the display.
  3. 3Press the “+” or “-” button to select the “OFF” setting. Velocity is now turned off.

How to turn off lighted keyboard LK-265

To turn off the lighted keyboard on the LK-265, you may follow the steps below.

  1. 1Hold down the “KEY LIGHT” button until “Key Light” appears on the display.
  2. 2Press the “-” button to select the “OFF” setting. Lighted keyboard is now turned off.

Transferring Files on Your Casio LK-265

How to download a midi on a LK-265

You can download an external midi on the LK-265 using the Chordana app in your smartphone or tablet. Please refer to this video to see a demonstration of downloading the midi on the keyboard.

Casio LK-265 Videos: Tutorial and Demo

Here are the best YouTube videos we could find to get you up and playing your Casio LK-265:


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