LAGRIMA Digital Piano Review (2022): An Elegant Console Piano at a Rock-Bottom Price

LAGRIMA 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano, USB/MIDI/Headphone/Mic/Audio Output Feature, with Power Supply, 3 Pedals, Instruction Book, Suit for Kids, Teen, Adult, Beginner or Training Institution

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If you don’t want to just play the piano, but to have a piano to add ambience and beauty to your home, the LAGRIMA Digital Piano is a great choice. It has all the features and convenience of a digital piano, in a handsome console that will look great in your house and provide an authentic piano playing sound and feel.

LAGRIMA Digital Piano Review

LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano Overview
Overview of the Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano:  Top Left Full Dynamics Control Feature; Top Right Three Foot Sustain Pedals; Bottom Left High Quality Materials of Construction; Bottom Right Hammer Action Keys; Center is diagram of the Lagrima Piano

With the LAGRIMA Digital Piano, you can have a handsome, full-featured digital piano in an attractive console, showing and sharing your love of music in your home. It has all the visual impact of a spinet piano, and naturally invites students, friends, family, and guests to gather, enjoy, and share music with each other. The warm, natural sound is inviting and appealing.

The LAGRIMA 88 key Digital Piano is great for beginners and intermediate players. It has a full-sized keyboard. The 88 key keyboard has weighted keys so that it feels like the keys of an acoustic piano. The three foot pedals are fully operational to help provide the practice and experience of playing an acoustic piano.

This model also has a range of digital voices and functions that provide options and experiences that you can’t get with a traditional piano.  The Lagrima Digital piano is the best of both worlds, at an affordable price, in a beautiful package.

Video Overview of the LAGRIMA Digital Piano

Below is a short Lagrima Piano Review video that gives a good overview of the keyboard:

LAGRIMA Digital Piano Specifications




88 standard size, fully GHS (graded hammer standard) weighted keys


Black or white

Demo Songs

Comes with 80 demo songs


128MB DSP2000 sound sample for clear, stable, vivid sound

Preset Rhythms

200 rhythms


480 tones

GM tones

128 standard GM tones


Capable of 64 levels of polyphony

Preset Songs



Onboard memory for 1 song, 2 tracks

Stereo Speakers


Touch sensitivity

Yes, can be turned on or off


LCD screen to help with lessons and customizing piano functions

Headphone jacks

Dual headphone jacks included

Sound recording



Yes, connects to mobile devices


3 high quality metal pedals like an analog (acoustic) piano

Playback function


Multi-tone selection


MIDI terminal


Who is the LAGRIMA Digital Piano Most Suitable For?

Lagrima Digital Piano Review.  Cute kid playing acoustic piano.


The LAGRIMA Digital Piano is designed for those who want to learn the piano while experiencing the key weight, finger technique, and console style that will transition best to playing an acoustic piano. Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) key weight and touch sensitivity help learners master the finger strength and precision necessary for playing a standard analog acoustic piano, while the strictly digital features of LCD screen, duo mode, and demo songs make it easier to learn than ever.

For those who want to learn the piano with the ambition to play a concert piano, or who need to transition from an acoustic piano at school to a more affordable digital piano at home, it’s a fantastic option. 

The Lagrima 88 Key Digital piano is also a great choice for those who want a compact, convenient piano in their house solely for their own enjoyment.  You can adjust the volume on the Lagrima piano or play it with headphones, which will enable you to play the piano without disturbing others.   When you are ready for an audience, you can gather your family and friends to hear and enjoy music in the setting of your own home.

What’s Included with the LAGRIMA Digital Piano

LAGRIMA 88 key Digital Piano sheet music stand

Lagrima piano sheet music stand

Lagrima Piano Review - 3 Foot pedals

3 Foot Pedals

The LAGRIMA Digital Piano comes with a sheet music stand, a power adapter, a 3-pedal board, and an instruction book.

LAGRIMA Digital Piano Features

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano
Key Features of the Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano.  The piano is available in classic black or striking white. 


The LAGRIMA Digital Piano has a wide range of advanced features and musical capabilities.




The handsome console design is available in black or white.


The DSP2000 sound sample of the LAGRIMA Digital Piano has a clear, vivid, expressive sound that is better than expected in a piano at this price range.

88 Keys

The full size, 88-key keyboard uses a graded hammer standard key weight, providing more weight in the low notes and less weight on the high end, replicating the feel of the hammers inside an acoustic piano. 

This weight builds finger strength and precision, and makes it easier to transition seamlessly to and from an acoustic piano.

Built-in pedal board

The built-in foot pedal board, sheet music stand, and folding flip cover make the keyboard look much like a compact, traditional acoustic piano; the Lagrima piano adds to your home décor as well as your enjoyment of playing the piano.

Flip cover

And the flip cover also helps keep the keys clean and free of dust.

Built-in stereo speakers

Built-in stereo speakers give good quality sound, resonating from below the cabinet, just like an upright piano.

Touch sensitivity

Touch sensitivity adjusts the key volume depending on how hard the key is pressed, just like an acoustic piano, and is recommended for learners. However, this feature can also be turned off if you prefer to have a consistent volume.

Number of tones

The Lagrima piano comes with your choice of 480 tones and 128 standard MIDI tones. It also has 200 preset rhythms and has 80 demo songs. It is capable of up to 64 levels of polyphony for complex, overlapping sound.

Dual keyboard

Piano teachers can split the keyboard in half, so that the teacher and student can play beside each other as if there were two pianos side by side


The LAGRIMA Digital Piano has dual headphone jacks, which makes it ideal for piano lessons or quiet duets. It also has a USB port for digital devices, and MIDI input and output.

Pros & Cons of the LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano


  • Available in classic black or white to fit any décor
  • Full sized keyboard, with 88 standard-sized, fully GHS weighted keys for a playing experience that mimics a grand piano
  • Touch sensitivity can be turned on or off for greater control
  • 128MB DSP2000 sound sample for clear, stable, vivid sound
  • LCD screen to help with lessons and customizing piano functions
  • 3 high quality metal pedals with acoustic piano functions
  • 80 Demo songs
  • 480 tones with 128 standard GM tones for versatile voices
  • 200 preset rhythms, along with drums and metronome
  • Capable of 64 levels of polyphony
  • Has chord, sync, fill-in, and transpose features
  • Built-in stereo speakers for rich, loud sound
  • Slide cover cabinet design preserves style
  • Record and playback functions for practice and performance
  • Split keyboard capability eases lessons and duets
  • Connects to mobile devices via USB for playing along with your favorite songs
  • MIDI terminal for versatile digital options
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • Comes with instruction book to help learning


  • Assembly instructions aren’t very clear
  • Must be placed against a wall due to open-back cabinet
  • Not all bundles come with a bench
  • Doesn’t have a great natural piano tone

LAGRIMA Digital Piano Manual

If you’d like to check out the nitty-gritty of the LAGRIMA Digital Piano, here’s a link to the model’s manual:


An Alternative Product to Consider

Lagrima 88 key digital piano in white
The Lagrima piano has a full sized keyboard with 88 keys

The LAGRIMA Digital Piano is the most affordable digital console piano on the market; the price is remarkable price for a full-sized 88 key weighted keyboard with 3 foot pedals.

However, some experienced piano players, accustomed to an acoustic piano, do not like the key weight or sound of this digital keyboard. 

Yamaha YDP-143R Arius Console Digital Piano

For those who want a digital console piano with a more authentic, grand piano sound and key weight, the next best option is the Yamaha YDP-143, which has a much more authentic playing feel and sound (but is significantly more expensive).

Yamaha P71 88-Key Keyboard

For an improved key feel and sound, that more closely mimics an acoustic piano, you have to either spend several times more money, or go with a keyboard-only design, that lacks the console and the pedals.

A good option would be the Yamaha P71, which also has 88 full-size, fully weighted GHS keys, and comes with a sustain pedal. For additional information, read our review of the Yamaha P71.

Comparison of the Yamaha P71 to the Lagrima Digital Piano

An alternative to the Lagrima Digital Piano

Advantages of the Yamaha P71

  • Richer, more authentic grand piano sound
  • More accurate key weighting and touch sensitivity
  • Compact and lightweight

Advantages of the Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano

  • Many more options for sounds, tones, and polyphony
  • Greater compatibility with USB and MIDI
  • Has an attractive console
  • Has 3 pedals
  • Has more built-in learning and practicing tools

Additional Accessories to Consider Buying

A piano bench

Songmics Piano Bench complements your Lagrima Digital Piano

The Songmics Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with music storage is an excellent complement to the LAGRIMA Digital Piano. It also comes in black or white to match the piano, and its compact size won’t overwhelm the LAGRIMA piano console. It has a padded top with a highly resilient cushion for extended piano playing; and a faux leather top for classic style. It is waterproof and dust proof, making it easy to clean so that your piano set always look good.

The piano bench is made of solid wood and will hold up to 300 pounds.  It is durable and will last for years. The rubber pads on the feet prevent sliding and slipping on the floor, and don’t make noise as the bench slides.  It has internal storage for sheet music, with a hinged lid, like a traditional piano bench. Unlike the LAGRIMA Digital Piano, assembly is fast and simple with the included tool and instructions. It is handsome and surprisingly affordable.

Piano stickers

If you want to use the LAGRIMA Digital Piano to learn piano for the first time, piano stickers are incredibly helpful. These stickers adhere to the keys and help you learn to read music and perfect you finger technique. The CRBN piano stickers are an excellent choice; they are printed on the underside which keeps the ink from being worn away when the piano is being played. The stickers remove cleanly, with no residue, and are large and easy to read.

Color Piano Stickers for your Lagrimal 88 key digital piano

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano Review by KG Simple Reviews


For the appealing look and style of a traditional piano in your home, there is simply no more affordable option than the LAGRIMA Digital Piano. It’s one of the most affordable digital console pianos in the marketplace.

It also has all the essential features that beginners need. The key features include a full 88-key keyboard with full-size, fully weighted keys using the advanced GHS weight system, touch sensitivity, and 3 pedals for an experience that mimics the experience of playing an acoustic piano. It’s the most affordable way to learn and practice skills that will transition easily to an acoustic piano.

It also has the advanced digital features that acoustic pianos don’t have, including a wide selection of tones, rhythms, polyphony, and even simple volume controls to make it easy to live with. 

LAGRIMA White Digital Piano, 88 Key Electric Piano Keyboard for Beginner/Adults W/Music Stand+Power Adapter+3-Pedal Board+Instruction Book+Headphone Jack
LAGRIMA Digital Piano (click image for more info)

Recording and playback, transpose, and split keyboard functions offer a range of possibilities and capabilities that invite learning and exploration, as well as affording unique opportunities for growth and expression.

Most keyboards offer a fraction of the features at more than double the cost. This powerful, versatile, handsome digital console keyboard simply cannot be beat in its price range, and is a fantastic choice for piano lovers everywhere.


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