LAGRIMA 61 Key Keyboard Review- A Rock-Bottom Price for this Beginner Keyboard

LAGRIMA 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano w/Light-Up Keys for Beginner(Kid/Adult), Lighted Portable Keyboard w/Micphone, Power Supply, Music Stand, Dual Power Supply(Power Adapter or 6 AA Batteries)

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For beginners and intermediate level pianists, this electric piano is one of the most affordable and reasonable keyboards on the market. It features soft, touch-sensitive keys that help newbies get comfortable with the feel of the keyboard.

The LAGRIMA 61-key keyboard has an easy to use interface and a range of functions, such as record & playback, a capability to reach 200 timbres, and more. It also offers over a hundred rhythms, along with some demo songs. What makes this instrument ideal for newbies is the double-keyboard feature that allows you to play alongside your tutor and increase the speed of learning.

Although it has some missing qualities, it is packed with a great number of features that are surprising for an instrument that is this affordable.

LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard Price

Lagrima 61 keyboard

With the LAGRIMA keyboard, you can find a number of different packages. The basic package includes the keyboard with a microphone and retails at the very affordable price of $54. You can choose to get the keyboard with the stand of your choice (an H or an X-style stand) for around $90. If you want everything in one bundle, including the keyboard, stand, microphone, headphones, bench and a soft bag, it’ll set you back by around $100.

Given that you will eventually need to get a proper keyboard with full-sized keys (if you want to be a serious musician), the best idea is to get the keyboard on its own – you’ll need a bigger stand for a larger keyboard.

For more information on the price and packages available, you can check the product out on Amazon

Overview of the LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard

Lagrima 61 Keys

This instrument features 61 touch-sensitive keys that are very light and are smaller than the keys of a standard, full-sized keyboard.

The LAGRIMA keyboard offers 128 different rhythms and 200 timbres, 12 demo songs, a display screen that lists different options available, including the ability to select and change the song. It is paired with a microphone so if you’re a singer, you can practice your vocals along with the rhythm.

The record and playback function has been designed to help you create your own music or perfect what you already know. You can power your keyboard by either plugging it into a power supply or using AA batteries if you’re on the go.

LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard Video Overview

LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard Specs (Summary)

Here is a checklist of all the main specs of the LAGRIMA keyboard in case you’re in search of an instrument with certain specifications. The list also contains some additional, bonus specs:

  • 11.5 lb body weight
  • 61 touch-sensitive, small keys
  • 12 demo songs
  • 128 different rhythms
  • Goes up to 200 timbres
  • Record and playback function
  • Rhythm programming function
  • Operated through power supply or 6AA batteries
  • 8 percussions
  • LCD display
  • MIDI compatibility
  • USB port
  • Available in black and silver.

LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard Features (Summary)

Here are the main features that the LAGRIMA offers. Given the decent price point, the number of features it provides is impressive:

Double Keyboard Mode

This feature essentially divides the keyboard into two fully functional keyboards. It is ideal for pianists in training since they can mimic their instructors’ actions simultaneously. This will help them pick up the right notes faster.

Record & Playback

Record the tunes you play and replay them for yourself until you get it just right. This feature helps you pick up exactly where you went wrong so that you can adjust the notes accordingly.

USB MIDI Compatibility

The USB MIDI features allow you to connect your keyboard to your iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can download your favorite songs and learn how to play them yourself, or convert your own rhythms into MIDI format and transfer them to your phone. Send them to your friends and get some honest feedback before you’re ready to play in front of a crowd.

Other Features

The keyboard also offers basic functions, such as Master volume, Accom volume, tempo control, sustain and vibrato, sync, fill-in and rhythm programming.

The keyboard also comes with an inbuilt, 3-step teaching program: one key- follow- ensemble. This makes it very user-friendly for children.

Who is the LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard Most Suitable for?

The LAGRIMA has been designed for use by both children and adults, but it is better suited for children. The small-sized, lightweight keys help them learn how to play more easily before they advance to a proper keyboard.

Although adults can also learn on this instrument, it should not be the first choice since the transition to a proper keyboard will be harder. That, and if you want to play certain types of music, such as classical, you’ll need an 88-key keyboard.

That being said, the instrument only weighs a mere 11.5 pounds, which makes it a great on-the-go device. For someone who just wants to play with a neighborhood band once a week or carry their keyboard on the subway, this device is a good choice because it’s affordable and has enough features to play basic music.

What’s Included with the LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard?

The LAGRIMA keyboard comes with a microphone and depending on the bundle you choose, you can even get a bench, a stool, a soft piano bag and a headset with your instrument.

Additional Accessories to Consider

If you decide to get the keyboard on its own (perhaps you may have purchased one secondhand at a lower price), you will need a few other essential accessories before you’re ready to start creating music:


If you are investing in a stand, it might be a good idea to get one that is somewhat larger than your keyboard. That way, when you upgrade to a full-sized keyboard, you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting a new stand.


When you’re in the practice stage, a good headset is necessary so that you don’t get disturbed by the people around you (and vice verse).


Having a bench to go with your stand is a great way to ensure that you have the right posture when you play.

AA Batteries

If you’re playing in a space where there isn’t an accessible power outlet, you will need 6 AA batteries. These aren’t included in any bundle, so you’ll need to buy them, regardless of whether you get the full LAGRIMA package or not.

Pros & Cons of the LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard


  • Decent price point- affordable
  • Keyboard comes with a fully functional bench
  • 12 demo songs included
  • 128 rhythms and 200 timbres included
  • Easy to use interface- helpful for beginners
  • Double keyboard mode to make piano lessons easier.


  • Compromised sound quality
  • Limited connectivity
  • Visually, not the most beautiful
  • The keys are not full-sized and they are a little too sensitive to the touch
  • Not an instrument that can be used long term- beginners will need a proper keyboard with full-sized keys after just a few lessons
  • Background electrical noises may occur when the instrument is plugged in
  • Doesn’t come with an adaptor.

LAGRIMA 61-Key Keyboard vs. Alesis Melody

While both keyboards share some similarities, they have some distinctive features that make them useful in different situations:


Both keyboards have 61 keys, a headphone and a microphone jack and MIDI compatibility.

Key Size

The Alesis Melody has full-sized keys and provides a more authentic piano feel, whereas the LAGRIMA has smaller, lighter keys. The Alesis is, therefore, suitable for both beginner and intermediate level players, whereas the LAGRIMA is only suitable for beginner level players.

Rhythm & Melody

The Alesis Melody has 300 rhythms (as opposed to LAGRIMAs 128) and 40 demo songs (the LAGRIMA only has 12).


Unlike the LAGRIMA, the Alesis features inbuilt speakers as well.


Quite frankly, the most important factor for most, the price point of the two is vastly different. The Alesis boasts some extra features and with those comes the doubled price tag of around USD 100 (although you can find a used one for around USD 90).

This does, however, include a stand and a piano bench in the package, and the overall bundle is at par with the LAGRIMA complete bundle.

It appears that the Alesis Melody offers more features for roughly the same price (as the LAGRIMA full package). It also comes with a power adaptor, which is needed separately with the LAGRIMA.

However, for someone who has a tighter budget, say around USD 50, the basic LAGRIMA keyboard is a more feasible option. It is also suitable for children since they can familiarize themselves with the smaller keys before advancing to a full keyboard.

Lian Baker’s Lagrima 61-Key Keyboard Review


Despite some minor drawbacks, such as curved, light keys and the background buzz of its electrical connection, the LAGRIMA 61-key keyboard is a solid beginner electric piano, particularly for children. The touch-sensitive keys, user-friendly display and range of functions such as the double keyboard help newbies get acquainted with the basic functionality of a keyboard.

At around $50, this lightweight instrument is an excellent investment for someone who wants to explore their interest in music before investing in a full-sized 88- key keyboard.

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LAGRIMA 61 Keyboard (click image for more info)

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